JYOTI ENTERPRISE is the leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic converting machines like Flexographic Printing Machine, different types of Plastic Bag Making Machine. At JYOTI ENTERPRISE, manufacturing is a passion. This passion has driven us to set up world-class manufacturing facilities with extreme operational efficiencies in record times. Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation for flawless project execution and management.

Manufacturing divisions of Aim not only create thousands of jobs for skilled workforce, but also train unskilled workers, helping create a strong talent pool. Every product we create with the ‘Made in India’ tag is a source of great honour and pride.

Why Choose US

Jyoti Enterprise


We cherish traditional wisdom and yearn to explore new ideas at the same time. Our corporate identifier is an expression of this eclectic spirit. The shield symbolizes excellence and accomplishment, which we believe come out of clear vision, commitment to values and dedicated effort. And the bright, pure red stands for vitality and dynamism.


We represent our aspirations and inspire us in our corporate ascent. Our sophisticated design, engineering and manufacturing processes coupled with our progressive, value based corporate culture; ensure that we bring you productivity, reliability and elegance in one unmatched value proposition.


We aim for endless efforts and success in our every small and big project in the market. Aim has capability and commitment to customer services earned through self regulating analysis of company’s qualified management system. Simulated by exceptional merge of sacred qualified and hi-tech expertise market. So as to come up with complete customer satisfaction in the end this is of core importance to us.

Business TypeYear of EstablishmentNo. of Production UnitsProduction TypeWorking as an Original Equipment ManufacturerWarehousing FacilityService Tax Registration No.
Manufacturer and Supplier202001Semi-automaticYesYes24CNRPM9417M1Z7

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